Public: Do not check either box, this is the default type. Visible to all users. Users must apply and be approved to join.

Public/Open: Only check the Open option. Visible to all users. Users are automatically approved when they apply.

Private: Only check the "Private" option. Only visible to those who have the link. Users must apply and be approved to join.

Private/Open: Check both options. Only visible to those who have the link. Users are automatically approved when they apply.

Only enter a dollar value in this field if you are expecting attendees to actually give money to you, the organizer. If the event will cost money, but you, as the organizer are not collecting that money, then just enter information about the cost of the event into the description.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Some people might be wondering about Stripe, since they likely aren't familiar with them.

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Paid Event Fees

For event organizers, there aren't any fees for creating an event that has a cost.

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Creating Events - At Zimidy we encourage creating events with open spots for new friends to join.

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Managing Events

There are a few features worth calling out that event organizers have exclusive access to.

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Reviews are what make Zimidy go-round, as they say. Someone somewhere says it, trust me.

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There are few things in life better than getting something for nothing.At Zimidy, we love to give...

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Earned vs Pending Points

Not all points are created equal. Earned points are the good ones; you can use these right away to...

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DFA is our buzzy term for Chat. It stands for "Down for Anything", and while it isn't literal.

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DFA Browse/Group Chat

DFA Browse/Chat connects you to everyone in your area. Turn DFA on, from your profile, add your...

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Browse Event Filters

We let you slice and dice events in as many ways as we could think of, just to make it easier for you to...

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Some people might be wondering about Stripe, since they likely aren't familiar with them. You might wonder if your information is safe, if they're going to do terrible things with your credit card info, or any number of doomsday scenarios regarding the use of your financial data. Well, rest assured, Stripe is a trusted name in payment processing and they're used by extremely popular services that you use every single day: Kickstarter, Pinterest, Lyft.. among others. Check them out to get your warm and fuzzies:

One thing to note about Zimidy and Stripe is that, when you process a payment on Zimidy, using Stripe - we don't touch, see, store, or in any way manipulate your payment information. Zimidy has absolutely nothing to do with the transaction. Your data is sent securely to Stripe via their special form, and we have zero involvement in the transfer of funds between you and whoever you're paying for whatever reason. If there are problems, we're glad to try to help, but Stripe is handling all the sensitive data!

Creating Events - At Zimidy we encourage creating events with open spots for new friends to join, but you can create events in several ways. Here are the event types on Zimidy:

  1. Public/Approval Only - These are the standard events on Zimidy, the event is publicly searchable, but attendance is restricted to only those individuals which have been specifically approved by the host/cohost for the event. This event type is best suited to smaller events where hosts want to control who is in attendance. This is the default setting when creating an event.
  2. Public/Open - These events are also publicly searchable, but, the only difference is that the host does not need to approve attendees, then can simply join and are immediately added to the event. These event types are great for events where the host just wants to bring people together, and really doesn't care about who those people are specifically.
  3. Private - Private events are invite-only, this event type affords the host supreme control over who attends, but, it also restricts the ability for the event to attract new friends. Best for those things that are best kept a secret, just between a few people.
  4. Sponsored - Sponsored events are special opportunities for Zimidy members to enjoy a unique experience on the house, just for being awesome people! Sponsored events can be of any type and are typically hosted by other members of the Zimidy community, sometimes though, businesses will sponsor events as well. The best part is that you get to join in on the fun for the very reasonable price of, FREE.

There are a lot of other event settings worth discussing as well, let's spend some time on those:

  1. Invite connection or group - this section allows you to invite your friends individually or, Zimidy allows you to group your friends together. Have 5 friends you always play fantasy football with? Add them to your "Fantasy Squad" group and then you can easily create your next fantasy party. Simply type "Fantasy Squad" into the invite section when creating the event, and they'll all get an invite.
  2. Type/Subtype - populating these options are extremely important, they exist solely to allow us to categorize the event being created. This is important because it helps other members to find the event more easily. If you don't think your event falls into any of these categories, let us know, and we can update the list. Choosing your type and subtype starts you off with a pre-set list of tags for that type of event. This is how the categorization really works; it's all in the tags.
  3. Tags - after you pick your type and subtype and get your initial list of event tags, you can edit as you see fit. Add or remove tags at your leisure. Tags are great for making your events searchable more easily, especially if you're having an event with several connected events, then you can tag them all with #2017usopen, for instance, and people looking for events related to or around the US Open can easily find them.
  4. What to bring - this is just a special area where you can call out certain supplies that might be required or strongly encourages for whatever event you're running. If you're running a free event, this might be $5 (if payment is optional), a case of beer, swim goggles, hiking boots, clean socks, or any other random supply depending on the event you're running
  5. Special Attendee Criteria - here you can tell people what type of people you don't want at your event. We could imagine situations where only college alumni, club members, sorority members, or individuals over 21 should be reasonably accepted to certain events, but, feel free to be as restrictive as is necessary to have a great event!
  6. T-shirts for attendees - this is not only a great fashion statement, but it's a great way to keep track of everyone you invited to your Disneyworld weekend. It's easy to lose track of the wanderers, do you want to be the one telling Timmy's parents that he was eaten by an alligator. We didn't think so. For $15 per attendee, we'll set you up in style. Please allow at least 2-weeks before the start of your event if choosing this option. Any attendee that joins later than 7-days before the event start date, cannot be guaranteed to receive their shirt in time. This option will not be available during the Beta Launch of Zimidy.

That should do it for events, if we're missing anything, let us know!
Now that you've created your event, let's talk about how to manage it.

There are a few features worth calling out that event organizers have exclusive access to.

  1. Update Image - in the top right corner of the header image there is a camera icon, click this to initiate updating the image for your event. You have two options for updating an image; upload your own or choose one of ours.
    1. Upload your own - navigate to a folder on your local device and select an image which you have saved for upload. These images must be at least 600x1200 resolution, larger is fine - of course.
    2. Use one of ours - we know you don't always feel like finding that exact right image for your event, but still, you don't want to stare at Zimidy logos every time you're managing the event either, for you, we've created a little variety. Just pick one of our wonderfully curated images and you'll be on your way to another great event.
  2. Details Panel - the details panel is where all the magic happens on your event, it has the organizer, the date/time, the location, the description, and the action buttons. You can do a lot here:
    1. Map icon - clicking the map will flyout a larger map to display where exactly this event is located. In this panel you can update or edit the location for an event.
    2. Share Icon - this lets you tell all your friends about your awesome event. You can share with them on Facebook or Twitter, or make it a bit more personal and send an email. Let's be serious though, the easiest way to get someone's attention is to text them, so we gave you that option too. Blow. Their. Phone. Up. They'll thank you later. Plus, if they aren't already a member you get points for getting them on board. Bonus! If they are a member, you can skip all the other stuff and just invite them from the Zimidy icon.
    3. Edit - just lets you edit all the details you entered to create the event.
    4. Cancel - This cancels the event entirely, if payments have been made, this doesn't work until refunds have been given, if refunds were part of your offering.
    5. Add Cohost - here you can select anyone else that is currently attending the event to act as a cohost for the event. Cohosts can edit details about the event and approve/deny potential event applicants. They cannot cancel the event or deal with payments to the organizer. It's nice to have a sidekick sometimes.
    6. Leave event - We know you put the whole thing together, but sometimes you just can't attend all the fun stuff you plan. If you choose to leave the event, you will still be the organizer and will still manage all aspects of the event, the only difference is that you won't be listed as an attendee any longer.
  3. Attendee Panel - this is the core of the event, who is going to make an appearance. Being listed as an attendee for Zimidy events means you're going to be there. We care so much about this that you literally cannot join two events that occur in the same time period. No more flakey maybe responses here. Why bother with FOMO, trust us, you'll have fun. There are a few things to take note of in this section:
    1. Chat with the group - this button will launch a chat window that is visible by all approved attendees. Nobody can see the content of this chat unless they've been accepted into this event.
    2. Attendee list - Next you have a big list of everyone who will be joining in the festivities at this particular event. You can click their images to see their profile. You'll also notice that there is a little ellipses next to the image when you mouse-over it. There are some special options in this ellipses:
      1. Chat - opens a chat window between you and this attendee
      2. Set Pending - sets this user back to pending status on this event, they may have been approved previously, but for some reason you need to boot them, at least temporarily. This setting let's you keep them on the hook, but not allow them to actually attend. It will change their status from APPROVED to PENDING.
      3. Remove - Totally removes this user from the event, they will no longer be APPROVED or PENDING. They will have to re-apply if they wish to join the event.
      4. Request Payment - This feature is intended for requesting payment from an attendee after an event has completed. Primarily for situations where there was no upfront cost, but a cost was incurred during the event, or, the upfront cost did not cover all expenses during the event. Typically this payment arrangement will be agreed upon during the event and the payment request through Zimidy will just be a formality. The payee will receive a notification that payment has been requested and can pay the same way they would pay for a normal paid event. Make sure your stripe details are set up in your profile settings before attempting to use this feature!
      5. Refund - Sometimes surprises occur when attempting to get an event together and either a user needs to be refunded for various reasons or the event needs to be cancelled. If your refund policy affords your attendees a refund, this option is right for you. Just click the refund option and you can pay back the cost of the event to your attendees via our standard Stripe process.

After the Attendee Panel, you get to the Partner Panel. The coolest part about the Partner Panel is that we get to showcase local businesses, these are businesses owned by your friends and neighbors that can help you have a great time at the type of event you're setting up right now. Many of these businesses offer special pricing or special offers to the Zimidy community, so, don't be shy, take advantage of these great offers and get a helping hand from someone right in your town.

If you have a business and want to show up in this area, let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

That wraps up the manage event functions on Zimidy, but, there is one more really important feature that comes up after you finish an event. Providing reviews.

Reviews are what make Zimidy go-round, as they say. Someone somewhere says it, trust me. When you wrap up hosting or attending a new event we strongly encourage you to post a review about each person you met at that event. Most of the times these will be super positive expressions of what a great experience you had meeting these new people, but sometimes, maybe not; and that's OK. Candid negative feedback is how we grow. However, while the urge to tear someone down after a bad experience may be extremely difficult to resist, be aware that there is another human being on the other end of that review, and treat them with the respect they deserve and the respect you would hope to receive if you were on the receiving end. Sometimes it might be more appropriate to have a quick chat over in DFA before you fire off that review; just something to think about. Regardless of the content of your review though, we are going to reward you for your active participation in the community with a few extra points, each and every time you review a new member. We'll even reward you a few times when you review the same person over and over.

There are few things in life better than getting something for nothing. At Zimidy, we love to give our active members something for nothing. Host events with Zimidy, get points. Attend events on Zimidy, get points. Review people, get points. Invite your friends/family to join, get points. Come by our offices and wash our cars, I'm sure there are some points in there for you somewhere. Definitely a high-five, for sure. Just to be clear, let's do a quick recap of how points are earned:

  1. Create an event - The first time you create an event, you get points no matter what. As long as some people attend and the event completes successfully. After the first time though, you'll only get points based on how many people you don't know attend. Allow more of your neighbors join that you didn't know beforehand and we'll try to reward you for being so open-minded.
  2. Join an event - Join events that are hosted by people you don't know personally, and we'll reward you.
  3. Invite friends - Invite your friends via text, email, or your social networks, and you'll get points. You can do this from an event or from your profile.
  4. Review people - Provide reviews of your new friends after your events wrap up and we'll give you points.
  5. Stay active on chat - Simply leaving your DFA setting ON will earn you points each day.
  6. Special rewards - from time to time we'll provide special opportunities to earn a large number of points by participating in something that is a bit outside your typical comfort zone. We hope you take advantage of these experiences.

We know that earning points is only great if you can do something useful, so, we provide great opportunities to use those points.

  1. Sponsored Events - The best way to use your points is to attend exclusive events provided to you for free, the only cost is some portion of the points you've earned just by doing the normal social activities you'd participate in anyways. These sponsored events will typically be hosted by Zimidy Partners or other members of your local community. You get free entry and they take care of all of the set-up. Browse our sponsored events to find something you like, something you can plan for and work toward. If there is a special event you would like to host, or that you would like attend, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  2. Swag - From time to time we will offer limited edition Zimidy swag which you can only get your hands on using points.

Be careful! If we identify any attempts to improperly use the system to gain extra reward points you may lose all earned points or be subject to account termination.

Not all points are created equal. Earned points are the good ones; you can use these right away to do whatever you want to do with them. Pending points are a promise that if everything remains the same, you'll receive these points in the future. Points can be pending, for instance, if you create a new event. The points that you will earn are considered pending until the event is completed. If the event happens to be cancelled instead, then... no points for you! Those pending points will be removed from your total.

DFA is our buzzy term for Chat. It stands for "Down for Anything", and while it isn't literal, it means you're willing to meet new people and have conversations to set up events in your area. Can't find anything in the event list that you want to do right now, well, just set up your DFA settings and chat with people that want to do the same stuff you're looking to do. We're confident you can get something together. Really though, it's not necessarily "Down for Anything", it's "Down for the things you set up as interests in your profile", DFTTYSUAII... ok that's a terrible acronym. We'll stick with DFA, we think you get the point.

When you can't find anything you want to do in your searches and you want to do something right now, just set DFA ON and browse local people in your area to connect with now. We make it easy to search nearby and within the things you want to do, today. You'll have a cool new event kicked off in no time.

DFA Browse/Chat connects you to everyone in your area. Turn DFA on, from your profile, add your interests, and you're on your way to a memorable day/night! When you access the DFA Browse/Group Chat window you notice two sections:

  1. Browse DFA - this is where you find everyone in your defined area that is interested in the stuff you're interested in. You can browse at your leisure and try to chat with any of these people. It's simple, click chat and they get a request, if they approve - you're having a conversation. If they don't, we'll let you know. You can search people in a few ways:
    1. Age - If you only want to hangout with people within a few years of your age, this is where you can set that up. Default is all ages.
    2. Distance - You don't want to travel too far? No problem. Set up the distance filter to whatever is comfortable. The default is 15 miles.
    3. Gender - Trying to have a Girls Night Out or a Roman Greco Wrestling match, it might make sense to exclude members of the opposite sex. Maybe you want to re-enact legends of the hidden temple, girls vs guys edition, then you might want to find the opposite sex. Who knows, in any case, you can use this filter.
    4. Min Rating - This lets you ensure you're only seeing people that have been rated and have a rating of a certain amount. Everyone on Zimidy is great, so you shouldn't have to use this one.
    5. Interests - If you only want to see other members that want to play Bocce tonight, this is the filter for you. Makes life a lot easier when you already know the people you're talking to want to do the same stuff as you.
      1. Chat options

        There are a few options when chatting with other Zimidy members:

        1. Broken Link Icon - this icon is used to end your connection to the user you're chatting with. This will end the chat session and remove your connection to that user, meaning, if you want to chat again - you'll have to make a new request to that user.
        2. Add friend icon - use this to initiate a friend relationship between you and the user you're chatting with.
        3. Create event icon - because Zimidy is all about events, we want to make it super easy to access the create event features. If you create an event from chat it will automatically send a request to join to the other member of the chat.
  2. DFA Group Chat - Here we give you access to different groups so you can chat directly with other people in your area, all at once. If you chose your interests as #happyhour #soccer and #rockclimbing and you lived in Cranberry Township (16066), Pittsburgh; you would see several group options to choose from. #happyhour #soccer #rockclimbing #16066 and #pittsburgh. If you're in the #happyhour group, your conversations aren't private to #happyhour; they're actually being posted in #happyhour #16066 and #pittsburgh all at once. That way you are reaching the largest number of people. The benefit is that you don't need see all the posts from #bugcollecting when you're only interested in #wine. If you're in the #16066 or #pittsburgh groups though, you'll be seeing everything, and can respond to whatever you feel like engaging about. There are a couple notable features of the chat window:
    1. Send message area - this area has a few options, you can add an emoticon, pretty standard, add a message, even more standard, or there is an icon for adding an event link. This last one is a bit unique, it allow you to search our event database and select an event, that event link is automatically added to your message. No more finding a page to share and copy/pasting the URL.
    2. Received message ellipses - on received messages there will be a little ellipses with a few additional options.
      1. Reply - this will pre-fill your message entry field with @xxx where xx x is whatever user you're replying to. You can type @whoever yourself to, just makes it easier to grab their attention.
      2. Chat - this will send a chat request to this user so you can start a private chat.
      3. Copy - just copies this message to your clipboard
      4. Report - let's you report this user for whatever nonsense they're doing at the time. We'll do our best to act quickly and handle the situation.
      5. Block - this feature will hide all future messages from this user in the group chat, prevent them from sending you chat requests, and prevent them from seeing events that you've posted.
    3. Sent message ellipses - the menu lets you copy, edit, or delete a message you've sent
    4. Update location - lets you update your profile location
    5. Update Interests - lets you change your settings for what you're interested in, potentially providing access to different filter groups and having different people discover you during their searches.

We let you slice and dice events in as many ways as we could think of, just to make it easier for you to find what you care about. If it got a little confusing though, here is a breakdown of what each of the filters is set up to do:

  1. Viewing all events - the easiest way to see all events is to just increase the distance to 5000 miles and the time frame to 1 year from the current date, then click filter.
  2. Distance - this defaults to be centered at "my location" which is whatever the location shows on your profile and only shows events within 25 miles of that location. If you're having a hard time finding events you may just want to increase this radius or change where you're centered.
  3. Time - the default for time range is the next 30 days. If you're planning something further in advance, make sure to extend this timeframe to see those longer term events.
  4. Tags - this feature allows you to search for events by event tag; you can just type #football and see all events (within the distance and time chosen) with the #football tag. This is a quick way to only see what you care about. As you type your tag you will see an auto-complete list of tags that currently exist in our system. Choosing from the auto-complete list will give you the best chance of finding what you're looking for.
  5. Cost - This dropdown allows you to exclude any events that are too expensive, it's fairly self explanatory.
  6. myEvents Toggle - this is default ON, if you want to hide events you've created when browsing, just slide this to OFF.
  7. Hide TBD - checkbox that lets the user decide if events with no current time should be shown, TBD events are always displayed at the top of the search list when shown
  8. Hide Sponsored - this excludes all Zimidy Sponsored events (events that cost points) from the results
  9. Sponsored Only - this will ensure that ONLY Zimidy Sponsored events are shown, this is great when you just got a fat new points check and are looking to do some spending.
  10. Hide Full Events - events on Zimidy have a limit to how many people can attend, if an event is full, you can't apply, but you can contact the organizer and still keep an eye on the event in case a spot opens up. This checkbox let's you hide events that are full if you only want to see things you can attend right now.
  11. Show My Events - by default, this is ON. This just allows you to show or hide events you've created in the browse events list. It's good to see how your event might look when others are searching. The easiest way to access your own events, is from your profile page.